No need to focus on
anything else except the code!

We will find you a project you will enjoy and take care of all the administration, from day one to the end of the collaboration.

No need to focus on
anything else except the code!

We will find you a project you will enjoy and take care of all the administration, from day one to the end of the collaboration.

Over 14 years of experience

We have been active in the recruitment industry for over 14 years. During this time, we have gained a lot of valuable experience, based on which we are ready to provide our partners with the highest possible level of services. Why EQIT? Our goal is to combine expertise with human approach and empathy.

work with us?

Fine tuning of your CV

You do not have to waste time dusting off your old CVs or portfolios. We will edit your CV for you according to the latest standards and business requirements to impress even demanding clients.

Exclusive introduction at the client's place

We will introduce you in person to the company you will be working with. If you will be interested, we can attend the interview with you. We will give you valuable tips and help you succeed.

Projects to suit you

Thanks to our wide network of corporate clients, we offer an almost unlimited number of projects and positions to choose from. We will not push you into collaborations you're not interested in. Based on your requirements, we will find you a job where you will be 100% satisfied.

The most favourable work conditions

No more awkward money negotiations. Just tell us how much you would like to be paid and we will do our best to negotiate terms exactly to your requirements.

You will not need to care about any paperwork at all.

In cooperation with our experienced lawyers, we will prepare all contracts for you. You will not have to deal with any administration and can just concentrate on your work.

Course of Cooperation


We want to get to know you not only professionally and technically, but also as a person. We need to find out what is important to you in life, what you prefer in your work and what you want to avoid.


We will present you with job offers relevant to your tech stack, but also to your other preferences and value settings. We will help you choose the one that fits you best in every way.


We will have your back throughout the entire selection process. We will actively communicate with representatives of your future employer - from the moment of the first presentation to the job offer and negotiating the terms of your contract.


When we communicate with your employer, we want to know how you are doing. We will always be there for you when you need advice or help. We will remain your career advisor and you can contact us at any time.

What our candidates
say about us

Peter, Python Developer
I have to say that I have not come across with such approach before. I was impressed from the start that you gave me comprehensive information and most importantly it was to the point. I had the feeling all along that you knew what you were doing.
Simona, Data engineer
I almost never respond to job offers, but this caught my eye from the first moment. I felt like I was talking to a colleague. Thanks to Michal and the whole Eqit team, I finally found a job that is meaningful to me and I literally look forward to work every day. 😊
Martin, Business Intelligence Engineer
I like the way you do your work. Just plain facts to the point and most importantly you hit the nail on the head. I was not planning on changing jobs, but one really can't refuse an offer like that, thank you!
Filip, Automation test engineer
It's amazing to watch how easily Juraj can communicate with a candidate. If I ever find myself in a situation in the future where I am looking for new work challenges, I will definitely turn to Juraj again.
Robert, Senior IT Analyst
I cannot do anything else but recommend him. I consider him as a customer-oriented, effective-in-communication and willing to find a position very much suitable for candidates doing his job properly.
Veronika, C++ Developer
I was particularly impressed by Juraj’s ability to connect with people and understand their requirements and ideas. He doesn’t rush things, gives the candidate enough space and time to contemplate all possibilities in order to find the best match.

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